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Our organization currently has three programs in place. Firstly, Low Income Housing Repair Program; Secondly, CIO Food Program, and finally Hands On Learning Services Program.

1- Low Income Housing Repair Program

The primary focus of this program is to give our beneficiaries the opportunity to have a safe safer, healthier and better life. All of the assistance in the form of maintenance repairs construction services. It is carries out in an environmentally friendly manner, emphasizing energy efficiency, using green products and appliances and recycled materials.

2. Hands On Learning Service Program:

Goal is to help middle school, high school, college students, to gaining real world skills through Hands-on. It will help students gain knowledge about different areas in the construction field and others CIO programs. It will help them to discover their potential. Some can learn by listening, others may learn by reading but when it comes to learning how to perform Math most of the people believe that actually doing the training in the field on real life situations is the best way to learn.

3.CIO Food program: It provides food to low - income individuals and families. There are many people in our communities facing the risk of going hungry. There are cases where food may not be available for one meal or several meals. It is vital to fighting hunger, and becoming a hunger relief advocate. In addition, the lack of basic needs such as food can also have a negative effect in the overall stability of household.

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