El Roi Christian Youth Center, Inc.



We offer youth counseling in all areas. Safe outting for teens, kids, and groups. Tutoring for grades 1-10th. We offer beading and photography classes, help to the homeless, the needy, the abused and anyone in need of help. Bible study groups for christian teens, and a new environment where teens can truly know Christ and enjoy the love of God in a fun exciting way to all.

Mission: A federally approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Giving thanks to the Lord for those whose hearts have been touched to help us monetarily and spiritually through prayer, and to our wonderful volunteers for making a difference in the lives of others. Helping others through the love of Christ. Not discriminating on gender,race or faith. Reaching out the needy, addicts, disabled elderly, troubled teens and those who need a helping hand the most. Trying to change the world a person at a time with love, hope, faith, and kindness. Please visit our site for more information:www.elroicyc.org God bless.
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