StarShine Academy K-12 School



StarShine Academy is a K-12 Charter school.

StarShine Academy combines rigorous standards, community building, and sophisticated technology into a uniquely effective program. StarShine staff are trained to develop inspiring relationships with students and build effective partnerships with parents, communities, and business leaders. The curriculum is designed to grow with the needs of the children and aspirations of the community.

With the help of the whole community our schools provide the richest of educations even on the leanest of budgets. Our dream is to spread this approach throughout the world. Please join us.

Mission: StarShine Academy is dedicated to helping every child find their talent and grow into a peaceful, productive, and successful person. Honored by the United Nations and educational leaders-- StarShine is a model for the future of community schools. StarShine Academies are K-12 college preparatory, nationally and internationally accredited network of schools, and so much more.
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