One Small Step (The Clothes Cabin)



The Clothes Cabin provides free clothing, shoes, and household linens to low income indivduals and families.The Clothes Cabin also conducts a back to work program to provide steel-toed work boots to men who require them for employment and a free laundry service to our homeless clients. The services offered here at The Clothes Cabin are not offered by any other organization in the area. Our residents have no other resource dedicated to providing the services we offer without the burden of costs they just cannot bear. The Clothes Cabin has removed as many barriers to these services as possible, desiring to help all people in need. In 2012, we served more than 1,600 families, with 60% of those served being children.

Mission: Our mission at The Clothes Cabin is to provide free clothing, shoes, and household linens to all people in need.
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