Phoenix Conservatory of Music



Programs Overview: The Phoenix Conservatory of Music provides programs to over 3,000 students a year in the greater Phoenix area. We have four main areas of programming:

Community Education Classes- these programs are facilitated in the community though libraries, parks and recreation facilities, etc. They are introductory in nature and are a jumping board of learning for beginning musicians. We have programs from 6months and their families, to our little hands series, beginning youth series, and level 2 programs in basic music competency, guitar, piano, voice, and violin. In House Programs- these are also community education based, but happen right at our own facility. These are great programs for people who just want to see if their child is suited to the instrument and are fun, developmentally appropriate play based interactive programs.After School Programs- After school programs happen in the school site or drop in site (e.g. Boys and Girls Clubs) They are with largely at risk populations in lower socio-economic demographics. We have access to these students 1-3 hours per week and students are learning a skill set for 5 weeks to a full year in recorder, voice, guitar, flamenco, taiko drumming, composition, world music and bucket drumming. These programs are highly interactive, link to school day learning and focus on building developmental assets in young people. Private Music Lessons and Ensembles- Private Music Lessons and Ensembles are a way for us to deepen the learning of our participant. In these programs, students engage in long term, intense skill building and craft development that is a lifetime journey. Most students take lessons for at least two years. Students who want to pursue music as a professional career or college option study much longer than two years.College Preparatory Program- This program is a 100% scholar shipped program. Students are given 3-8 hours of music learning per week at no cost to them for 30+ weeks of the school year. This is done in partnership with the Berklee College of Musics Berklee City Music Network.

Mission: The Phoenix Conservatory of Musics mission is to unleash the power of music by providing high quality music education and experiences to students and families that is affordable and accessible.
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