Beatitudes Campus



We are an active senior living community offering, a full continuum of care, with many different residential living options including:

1) Independent Living, residential living with services and amenities included or available

2) Assisted Living, residential living with supportive services for daily activities of living included

3) Skilled Nursing, short and long-term nursing care, rehabilitation, and respite services

4) Dementia Support, Alzheimer's Disease, dementia care, and palliative care and services

The Beatitudes Campus offers a holistic approach to health and promotes the Seven Dimensions of Wellness focusing on the emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, financial, and physical elements of well-being.

Mission: The Beatitudes Campus is a faith based community offering a wide spectrum of services for older people. Our heritage of Christian hospitality calls us to welcome people of all faith traditions and commits us to a model of wellness that promotes soundness of mind, spirit, and body.
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