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Kaity's Way



we provide the following services for the community at their request.

Share Kaitys Storya True, impactful and compelling story that brings to light the warning signs of Teen Dating Violence (TDV) and what lessons can be learned to prevent such a tragedy for others. In addition we provide current data in an effort to promote Healthy Relationships.

Provide Education regarding Kaitys Law A Law that was enacted in the state of Arizona September 2009 to provide those in Dating Relationships protection under the law

Hold various Workshops at Conferences Topics range from TDV to How to Make a Difference in Your Community

Set up Exhibit Tables at various events To distribute important brochures and literature to the community to bring awareness to violence among and against our children.

Maintain a useful and concise website www.kaitysway.orgwhichcontains all the information found in the brochure as well as a summary of Kaitys Story, information on how to Get Help and Give Help, Current Events and a Blog page for open discussions and additional information to distribute.

Send out an electronic monthly newsletter, Kaitys Korner which provides information about what Kaitys Way has done, what is up and coming and significant statistical data.

Distribute Brochures and important literature regarding violence among and against children

Mission: promote understanding and educate the community to lessen the instances of violence among and against children through P.E.A.C.E. (Patience, Empathy, Acceptance, Caring, Equality)
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