Maricopa County Head Start Zero-Five Program



The Maricopa County Head Start Zero-Five Program is a comprehensive early childhood development program designed to provide education, health and social services to low income children, ages 0-5 and their families.

Our program emphasizes on pre-reading, language, math and other cognitive skills, while continuing to promote children's health, social and emotional competence as part of school readiness.

Services to children are provided by qualified and well-trained teachers in a classroom setting with a low student-teacher ratio. The low ratio allows us to make a significant and meaningful impact on the educational and social development of the children that we serve.

While the Maricopa County Head Start Zero-Five Program is a preschool enrichment program for children, the program is actually designed to assist the whole family. Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children.

Mission: Vision: Healthy, educated children in supportive families.
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