All Gods Creatures Foundation, Beyul Ranch



The All Gods Creatures Foundation is a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit tax exempt organization. The foundation was established in 1997 to promote the sacred connection of the mind, body and spirit for the well-being of all.

The foundation supports this mission of promoting a sacred connection through several selected projects. Educational courses are designed to expand awareness to healing through hands-on experience. Equine rehabilitation gives horses the time and space to heal from traumatic injuries and situations. A ranch sanctuary provides a safe place for rescued horses to live out their natural lives in peace.

Volunteering opportunities allow for direct involvement from caring individuals. There are several ways that volunteers contribute to the foundation through the giving of their time, sharing the kindness in their hearts, and adding their talents to accomplishing the mission of promoting a sacred connection.

Donations are an important part of the day-to-day operations and the long-range projects of the foundation. The Wish List is comprised of tangible items that are needed for the foundation's work. 100% of all contributions and donations are applied to projects and organizational costs.

The weaving of caring love from one moment to the next is evident every day. A volunteer brushes a recovering horse with gentle peaceful hands. A retired horse patiently stands as a new student learns to touch the horse in the ancient ways of healing. A student humbly supports a human patient fighting the cancer now invading the physical body. The healing patient visits the sanctuary to thank everyone. Every activity and project enhances the sacred connection and embraces the fullest circle of life.

Mission: With this moment I wish for you,
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