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Save the Family has been serving homeless families with children for more than 20 years. Founded in 1988, Save the Family was created to help homeless families become self-sufficient. In 1989, the agency acquired four housing units and served the first four families, who were referred from a local domestic violence shelter.

Early on, Save the Family recognized the need for services beyond just housing. The agency offered the first adult and children's education classes in 1991. Adult classes centered on parenting and personal growth and development, while children's classes offered expressive art activities, aimed at assisting children with sharing their experience of homelessness. Due to increasing demand for these supportive services, the agency's programs were expanded to include a broader array of services and teen programming.

Program services for adults and youth continue, and now include career development, financial planning, education and support for domestic violence, tutoring, after-school classes and tuition dollars for summer camps and extracurricular activities.

In our work to help families achieve self-sufficiency, Save the Family identified a lack of affordable housing options for families graduating from our program. In 1994 The Affordable Rental Movement of Save the Family (ARM) was created to meet these needs. This housing partnership has provided Save the Family with the ability to serve more families, and to provide our unique programming to a broader audience.

Volunteers have, and will continue to play, an integral role in Save the Family's success. We rely on a robust volunteer base to provide various services such as: legal, medical and dental support, rehabilitation of our housing units, classroom support as tutors and mentors, as well as the management and operation of our Thrift Store.

Save the Family's commitment to quality standards has earned national recognition from the Council on Accreditation for best practices. We are also a recognized partner of the Valley of the Sun United Way and Mesa United Way. The agency is supported by funding from local, state and federal government agencies, as well as corporations, foundations, service clubs, faith-based organizations and individuals.

Save the Family's success is a testament to the determination and hard work invested by homeless families and domestic violence victims who truly desire a better life. The growth of our facilities, and the expansion of our services make it possible for families to conquer homelessness and achieve life-long independence.

Save the Family's campus is located in Central Mesa and is home to a 15,000 square foot program and administrative facility. The agency took over operation of both levels of the main facility in 1999. Volunteers have devoted countless hours to renovate the programmatic classrooms and lobby areas.

The Save the Family Thrift Store, which opened in 2000, is located on Country Club Drive. The store is open Monday through Saturday, and is home to an entirely volunteer-driven workforce.

West of the main building is the Stardust Resource Center, home to the Donation and Receiving Center as well as the offices of the Affordable Rental Movement.

The latest addition to the campus, the Career Development Center, which is due North of the main building, was acquired in 2008. It is home to the Career Development staff and volunteers and provides clients with drop-in and appointment-based career supportive services.

Save the Family is also making strides to revitalize the local community by purchasing and rehabilitating homes within transitioning neighborhoods. With funds provided through sources such as HUD (HOME) and the Housing Economic Recovery Act (NSP) Save the Family will purchase and rehabilitate more than a dozen homes over the next eighteen months.

Save the Family currently operates more than 175 housing units across the East Valley, encompassing 160,000 plus square feet of livable space. These single and multi-family units range from two to four bedrooms, and support the operations of both the Save the Family Transitional Living Program as well as the Affordable Rental Movement of Save the Family.

Save the Family also partners with private landlords in the community to secure housing for families living in both the Ambassador Housing and Next Step Housing programs.

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Mission: Family homelessness is damaging to everyone it touches. Save the Family empowers families to conquer homelessness and achieve life-long independence.
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