Orchard: Africa



Orchard: Africa works to empower both the church in rural Africa as well as the Western church to find sustainable and Christ-centered solutions to the poverty/AIDS crisis and its outworking in African communities.

We want to see vulnerable communities implement projects that grow from meeting the daily needs of survival to village-led sustainable projects. We want to see communities becoming innovative and inventive in their ability to meet real needs. It is our intention that equipped pastors and leaders will exceed the expectations of the training that we can provide - no longer needing us for their survival. We can then start the cycle over in other vulnerable communities.

Our goal is to empower pastors and village leaders with the skills to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to the vulnerable in their own communities. Empowered and equipped pastors who feel that they can provide help - not only to their own congregation but to their communities at large. Our role is to provide these leaders with the tools; their role is to actively lead their communities in sustainable projects that restore hope.

Mission: Orchard: Africa is a non-profit organization restoring hope to the vulnerable by creating sustainable change in rural African villages.
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