Uplifting Kids Inc



Our Goal

Many youth in the Arizona area become involved with negative situations such as drugs, gangs, or crime because they do not have positive activities to participate in. Due to grades and school attendance they are not eligible to participate in school sports programs and after school activities so they are left to their own devices. Uplifting Kids wants to change this by giving youth opportunities for positive activities such as field trips, camping, and participating in movie nights, sports, and community events. We also want to have social nights where youth can discuss with their peers and parents the day to day problems they are facing. We believe it is important to bring the community together through events that foster a greater sense of community and togetherness.

Mission: Uplifting Kids,Inc.'s mission is to keep kids off the streets and uplift them when they are going through rough times in life whether it is drugs, gangs, crime, troubled homes, or issues with their lives. This organization is being created to provide a boys and girls club where the youth can do activities together and stay away from negative situations. We will have various activities that give youth and their families something to look forward to and keep them positive rather than negative. Our main focus is to put a smile on their face, give them something positive to look forward to, and keep them from committing crimes or other negative behavior.
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