White Shield Center



White Shield Center provides residential treatment for adolescent girls.

Parenting Program- A residential treatment program for pregnant or parenting teen moms and their children, age birth to three, that focuses on childbirth preparation, options counseling, teaching and encouraging positive parenting skills and fostering healthy attachment and bonding. Each girl receives supportive services to develop valuable life skills in all areas of her life- academics, job readiness,wellness and nutrition, goal setting, budgeting, relationships, social and emotional regulation, problem solving, transition to independent living- to become her best dself and the best parent she can be.

Wildflowers Program- A residential treatment program with a link to therapeutic foster care for adolescent girls ages 12-18. Emphasis is placed on providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment to build stability, assess immediate and future needs, and develop the skills each girl needs for a successful future.

Mission: Empowering adolescent girls to lead healthy and productive lives within their families and communities.
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