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Columbia Land Trust acts immediately and directly. We work exclusively with willing landowners to find ways to conserve forever the scenic and natural values of the land and water. Landowners donate the development rights or full ownership of their land to the Land Trust. Columbia Land Trust manages the land under a stewardship plan and, if necessary, will legally defend its conservation values. Columbia Land Trust also identifies priority conservation lands to purchase. Using financial contributions from private donors, the Land Trust acquires lands with significant scenic, recreation, or habitat qualities. We work along the Columbia River in both Washington and Oregon -- the Pacific Coast and estuary, the more developed mid-River, the Columbia Gorge, the eastern Cascade watersheds.

Mission: The Columbia Land Trust conserves signature landscapes and vital habitat together with the landowners and communities of the Columbia River region.
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My name is Patricia Heaton. I am a current student at Washington State University in Vancouver Washington and I am interested in doing volunteer work at Columbia Land trust. Please send me information on this program and How I can arrange to volunteer asap. Thank you