The Kids Cooking Corner



We have 4 cooking classes a week from 5-7 and various other camps during the summer/spring/winter breaks!

"Your child will learn how the reading, math and science they are being taught in school (and think they will never use) are applied in the kitchen. Well help your children discover that the kitchen is a magic and fun place where they can be confident and creative for their entire lives.

During the spring and summer months, we will give kids the opportunity to learn the basics of gardening in the Kids Cooking Corner Garden! This will be a great opportunity for them to learn how and where our food grows! Expect them to get a little dirty! We hope to get a few laying hens next year, so we can collect our own eggs and use them in our recipes.

Several times a year, kids will have the opportunity to serve their parents a full meal that they prepare themselves. These dinners will be scheduled based on the kids progress and will be served in a fun group setting!"

Mission: The Kids Cooking Corners objective is to educate todays youth in the joy and art of cooking by filling a gap created by the public schools omission of Home Economics from the educational program requirements. Children ages three to eighteen will learn about proper nutrition, kitchen safety, proper food preparation, etiquette and cleanliness in a fun and safe environment. The goal is that these skills when acquired at an early age will lead to a healthier lifestyle and meal choices as well as long term health benefits.
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