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Hands of Humanity is a 501(c)3 U.S. Federal Nonprofit Corporation. Our mission is to connect Hands Of Humanity travelers with people of our destination countries in meaningful "one on one" interaction. We encourage people to travel and work with us on our projects. The hope is that exposure to the developing world will enlighten them to the world outside their own and inspire them to continue humanitarian service in their lives. Past travelers have had life-changing human experiences and an opportunity to change people's lives FOREVER. You may find that the life you change may be your own!

Mission: When we see a person in need, we may want to give them something as a way of helping them, but if we give without taking the time to see who they really are, honoring that most of all, our gift is nowhere near as powerful as it could be. We may want to give a homeless person a sandwich, for example, but if we give it without also taking a moment to look the person in the eye, making authentic contact, we rob them of the experience of being human.
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