The Wetlands Conservancy




The Wetlands Conservancy conserves wetlands by acquiring lands identified by the Oregons Greatest Wetlands project and promoting conservation of those lands and wetlands acquired by others. The Wetlands Conservancy also ensures ongoing stewardship and management of all lands in which it holds an ownership interest.


The Wetlands Conservancy collaborates with other non-profits to collect information which advances strategic acquisition in support of Oregons Greatest Wetlands. We develop strategies for conserving and enhancing wetland resources and collaborate with landowners to assist and support efforts to preserve and manage properties identified by Oregons Greatest Wetlands.


The Wetlands Conservancy promotes community-based stewardship of Oregons Greatest Wetlands by demonstrating and reporting on the benefits of best management practices implemented by TWC and others. We develop tools to assist in better understanding conservation and restoration actions and we work with the Oregon business community to develop market strategies to promote conservation and protection of Oregons Greatest Wetlands. And, we encourage community understanding and support of conservation and restoration of Oregons Greatest Wetlands and adjacent properties.

Mission: To conserve, protect, and restore the physical and ecological values of wetlands through education, research, acquisition, and promotion of private and public stewardship.
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