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Did you know that volunteering with Ride On makes you 14% more attractive? Then come check us out! We are a local non-profit group dedicated to getting impaired drivers home safely- in their own vehicle. We'd love to have you come in and volunteer! The hours can be tough, but the pay off is... well, hard to put into words. It just feels good knowing you got someone home safe, our volunteers are a great group of people, and the coffee is strong and free :) Our continuing volunteers also earn a free ride home with us the next time they're enjoying Portland's nightlife on a Friday or Saturday evening. Our headquarters have a lot of fun stuff to play with in between rides, a wii, ping pong, darts, board games and excellent conversation between unique and interesting local people like you. It's pretty simple how it works: an impaired person calls Ride On, and we dispatch two volunteers to their location. One volunteer drives the impaired person home in that person's car, while the other volunteer follows in their own vehicle. It is a flat fee of $15 anywhere in Portland proper to anywhere in Portland proper, from 11pm to 3am Friday and Saturday nights. Because we work in teams of two, its fun to volunteer with a friend or partner but it isnt a requirement. As a volunteer a drivers license is required with a decent driving history per our insurance providers. Having your own vehicle is not required but it is preferred as buses dont operate at 3 am when the shift is over. Bring a friend, bring a date, bring your mom! Flying solo is totes acceptable too! Email us or check out our website: www.rideonportland.org

Mission: RideOn 's mission is to reduce the frequency of impaired driving in Portland, OR, by providing unique transportation alternatives and raising community awareness.
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