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Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program (MIKE Program)




Why MIKE Program?

We exist because chronic disease conditions including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and risky behaviors [alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and other risky social behaviors] are increasingly impacting our children, especially low income and minority children. These conditions and behaviors are expected to contribute to the epidemic of chronic kidney failure. Tragically, although fully 70% of chronic kidney failure is preventable, it and the conditions leading to it reduce the well-being of the affected individuals, their families, and society.

To reverse this trend MIKE Program reaches young people at a time when their health options have the greatest chance to effect meaningful change.

To increase access to culturally inclusive health care, MIKE Program teams community and health profession students with youth. Both the teens and these near-age mentors participate in an inspire:aspire relationship to enhance and diversify our next generation of health care providers.

Mission: MIKE Program empowers youth to be health leaders through education, mentorship and community outreach.

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