Traditions Transitional Living Inc.



For some Welcome home! Traditions is focused on assisting our clients in finding a new way of life - we will do everything we can to support you through the recovery and reintegration process. Traditions is approved housing through the Arizona Department of Corrections. Traditions offers transitional living for men and women in recovery and released Ex offenders. We offer a structured living program where we combined the traditional 12 step with spiritual and personal accountability. To build a plan for recovery! Learning to live a life free of drugs, alcohol and criminal activity.

Mission: The Traditions Transitional Living program, a structured living program tailored to assist recovering addicts and rehabilitated offenders in living a drug free crime free life. Requiring clients to obtain employment, be drug and alcohol free. Clients learn to build a routine in clean and sober living as a productive taxpaying member of society where they recognize their responsibility to community and family. "We want to enhance and enrich our community and families by teaching recovering addicts and rehabilitated offenders how to return to society as productive, working members of the community by rebuilding family ties and creating a strong work ethic." Values As a program, and as individuals, we value Honesty Integrity Excellence Personal growth Spiritual growth The 12 steps and principles to the 12 step program Continual self-improvement Mutual respect Healthy community and family ties Strong work ethic We are committed to our clients and our community to hold ourselves and our clients to the values and principles listed by being accountable. We must live drug/alcohol free, as a law abiding citizens, productive in society by being employed and being of service, to give back where we were once a drain, not only to the community, but society as a whole. We do this by being accountable to ourselves, our community, our families, and our employers by honoring our commitments, showing results, and striving to obtain a better way of life."
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