Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona



NMTSA provides Neurologic Music Therapy services as well as continuing education and training opportunities in the areas of Assuming Competence, Positive Behavioral supports, and Competency based communication strategies. We also host the Assuming Competence Today (ACT) School that provides general education curriculum paired with sensory, communication, and behavioral supports. Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is an advanced form of music therapy that uses research based techniques to treat the brain using music and rhythm. NMT uses these techniques to achieve non-musical goals such as speech, physical movement, cognition and other conditions of the nervous system. Our therapists use NMT interventions to treat a variety of neurologic difficulties including, but not limited to, Parkinson's, stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and Autism. We are also dedicated to collaboration and community outreach and training across a variety of subjects pertaining to individuals with disabilities. We count on our volunteers to partner with us in serving the greater Phoenix and Arizona community.

Mission: Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona (NMTSA) was established 1) to provide high quality, best practice neurologic music therapy services to all who can benefit and not just those who can afford it, 2) to provide community education/training related to positive behavioral and communication supports for persons with autism and other neurologic impairments, 3) to promote access to the general education curriculum by persons with disabilities, and 4) to promote advances in research related to best practice approaches.
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