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The United Methodist Children's Home



Remember the joy you felt when you discovered a dandelion as a child? You closed your eyes and made a wish, and when you blew, your breath carried the seeds of the dandelion into the world.

When you think about it, thats what were doing at the United Methodist Childrens Home every day. Were picking people up, oftentimes when theyre at the lowest point in their lives, and were speaking truth into them. We show them love, and we help them find new ways of thinking and living, that they then carry into their families, friends and the world. Spreading hope -- thats what we do.

The Childrens Home has a legacy of helping children, and we have a present and a future of helping children, youth and families. Those who come to us come with different needs, different pasts and different strengths. We have 11 different programs that meet these children, youth and adults where they are -- offering a holistic, therapeutic program that can change their lives forever.

All of our services are aimed at preventing the breakup of families, restoring and healing separated families, or teaching children, teens and young adults how to create successful and meaningful lives for their own future families. We want all of our youth and families to know they have the power to overcome their past and reach a brighter future.

Mission: Our mission is to provide redemptive, healing services that bring meaningful change to the lives of children and families. Grounded by scripture and the tradition of the church, we seek to bring the wholeness of Gods love to persons through Christ.
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