The United Methodist Children's Home



UMCH envisions a world where ‘all children are raised in a loving, compassionate and nurturing home.’ And it works every day toward its mission ‘to restore children and families from trauma through Jesus Christ.’

Since 1973, UMCH has cared for over 6,000 children in safe and loving foster care homes; it provides safe housing for at-risk young adults and prepares them to make positive life decisions and become productive, independent, citizens; and it strengthens and preserves at-risk families through safe housing and support services.

Today, UMCH serves over 245 children and adults a day in 40 counties across North Georgia, and it delivered over 56,000 days of care in 2016. For more information visit

All of our services are aimed at preventing the breakup of families, restoring and healing separated families, or teaching children, teens and young adults how to create successful and meaningful lives for their own future families. We want all of our youth and families to know they have the power to overcome their past and reach a brighter future.

Mission: We restore children and families from trauma through Jesus Christ.
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