Second Chance International Ministries, Inc.



In addition, we have a Job Preparedness workshop every fourth Saturday from 3pm to 4pm at the local library where they invite the general public to receive information on Maintaining a Positive Attitude, Building a Work History, Completing the Job Application, Practice Interviewing, Writing a Rsum and Cover Letter, Searching Online for a Job, Dressing for Success, Answering Basic Interview Questions, Showing Positive Body Language, and How to Maintain a Job..

Our Programs:

MESCH (Mental Health, Education and Employment, Substance Abuse, Children and Families, and Housing and Homelessness) to address all five issues. Support Counseling Career Counseling Mentorship Program Computer Training Food and Clothing Pantry Domestic Violence Victim Support

In regards to the general operation of the organization, our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and evening sessions with counselors are from 6pm to 9pm when scheduled. There are Saturday hours every first Saturday from 9am - 12pm by appointment. We have a Food Pantry and Clothing Closet Drive every second Saturday from 9am - 12pm where the organization receives donations of food and clothing.

Mission: The mission of Second Chance Resource & Development Center is to provide resources to ex-offenders, victims of domestic violence and those that are in a state of hopelessness in an effort to enable them to re-enter the mainstream with the necessary skills that build self-esteem, strong character and also be productive citizens within their community.
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