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Young, Fabulous & Successful.... YFS is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation chartered in June of 2008 and committed to assisting young people (15-25) in under-served communities. We aspire to help young people reach their full potential through programs that teach entrepreneurship and life skills to build positive morals and values. The primary goal of YFS, Inc. is to mentor, motivate and inspire young people all over the world into becoming young, fabulous & successful by walking in their God given purpose.


Our target market is Generation Y, Also known as the "Millennial Generation". Millennials were born between 1982 and 2001. Our focus is on Millennials between the age of 15 and 25. Generation Y saw the highest divorce rates of their parents, was the highest amount of children in foster care programs, and the highest amounts of recorded child abuse cases in U.S. history. Generation Y has also been described in a New York Times article as entrepreneurial and, "a 'post-emotional generation". As surely as autumn follows summer, the Millennials would become the next "hero" generation, destined for coming-of-age triumphs, intent on taking action and building community, just like the "G.I. Generation" decades before. There are several different views and studies that have been done on Millennials. Most of the information weve collected on Millennials was taken from the book "Millennials Rising: The Next Generation" By Neil Howe.

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Time has its limitations, and with such limits we understand and appreciate how very precious it is. I am honored that you have taken a moment of your precious time to find out exactly what we do. We offer workshops & seminars that teach optimism, life skills, and wisdom. All of our workshops/seminars are direct-service and are provided free-of-charge to participants.

In the economic state of our economy, young people are being faced with real life situations; forced to make decisions without real-life experiences. Foreclosures, Inner-city crime & unemployment rates are at an all-time high, impacting our young adults in a major way. I strongly agree, now more than ever that the responsibility for meaningful change is in the hands of the forward thinkers who can see that todays investment in our young adults is tomorrows return in our society. Our ambition is to become the catalyst for rebuilding the youth within our community to bring out the Millennial Heroine spirit from within!

We Believe that the "Millennial Generation of Heroes" have been equipped with solutions to the challenges our country is facing, and its our job to Mentor, Motivate & Inspire them to release their gifts and contributions into society.

Mission: Our mission is to mentor, motivate and inspire young people all over the world into becoming Young, Fabulous & Successful by giving them the knowledge to identify their creative gifts and the environment to monetize it. We do so by offering workshops and seminars as well as business and life coaching to young adults and entreprenuers all across the United States.
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