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Chastity House Inc is a non-for-profit organization established in the Greater Metro Atlanta area . Our field of expertise is Counseling, Youth Empowerment, Leadership Development, Fitness & Nutrition, and Prevention. Chastity House will also mentor middle and high school girls, ages 12-18 years old, at-risk for lower educational attainment, abuse, pregnancy, etc. through its future Writing and -Personal Development Program. This program includes life-readiness workshops and community service to enhance self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency, and is focused on Economic and Social Entrepreneurship It is our desire to build a healthy and safe environment that will enable us to support teen girls, women, and families that are in disadvantaged situations. Our method of carrying out such a large task is to think outside of the box through an innovative approach with collaborations and partnerships in the business and social change communities. Chastity House will become a reputable Not-For-Profit agency that Metro Atlanta can count on. Presently CHI is recruiting for a Volunteer Coordinator and a host of other Volunteering Opportunities such as; Board Members, Front- line volunteers (operations), and Advisory Council. All serious applicants forward your resumes to


Prevention, Teens, Families, Leadership, Fundraising, Fitness & Nutrition, Abstenience, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Counseling, Self Esteem, Mentoring, Self Sufficiency, Empowerment, Career Development, Economic and Social Entrepreneurship, Self Awareness

Mission: Helping individuals to heal hurt, heartache, and habits, and provide prevention programs to produce healthy families.
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