Georgia Commission on the Holocaust



The Commission was established by Executive Order by Joe Frank Harris in 1986. Governor Zell Miller re-established the Commission upon taking office and charged it with creating education programs for the citizens. Then in 1998 by act of the Georgia General Assembly the Commission became a permanent State Agency.

The Commission consists of fifteen members appointed equally by the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House.

To see the full text of HB 1664 creating the Holocaust Commission click here. The Commission is administratively attached to the Secretary of State.

The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust is bipartisan, nondenominational and multiracial.

The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust sponsors the exhibit Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 (hosted by the City of Sandy Springs) and the statewide Holocaust Learning Trunk Project.

Mission: Through awareness and education, instill a sense of personal responsibility to combat indifference and apathy so individuals will not be a bystander in the face of bigotry and discrimination.
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