The Kindezi School



We will realize our vision through...Six to eight students per class: Organizing the school into family-sized classrooms is a natural and more effective way to educate children.Tutorial Method: Teachers regularly tutor students in groups of one, two, or three students at a time, a technique that is research-proven to be the most effective way for students to learn.Differentiation: Children differ in many ways and homogeneous teaching methods always leave some students behind. The research is clear that activities that are too hard or two easy slows down student learning. Kindezi teachers differentiate: they teach to the individual, not to the "middle". A Focus on Leadership and Creative Thinking: While it is vital that students learn basic skills so that they can score highly on standardized tests, basic skills are not everything. Kindezi also focuses on developing student leadership and creativity through approaches like project-based learning and arts-integration. In this way, Kindezi teaches social and emotional skills, innovation skills, team leadership, and other skills that are not visible on standardized tests but are nevertheless required for true success/freedom in life.

Mission: Our mission is to create a nurturing, empowering, parent-integrated, and safe small class/small school environment conducive to optimal growth and self-realization. Through tutorial, differentiation, and student-centered approaches to learning, we will develop the leader, artist, and scholar in all students while instilling in each a love of learning and a sense of pride.
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