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Child Welfare

Shishukunj Baal Pravruti are primarily for children and youth. Our aim is to provide an environment rich in positive values, which allow the hidden potential within each child to flourish. Shishukunj aims for holistic development of the child encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social development. This is done by having organised weekly or regular gathering at a centre (Kendra) where many activities are carried out. Our core activities are diverse and varied, tailored to meet the members' and as appropriate for the Kendra needs:

It is as paramount that the charitable values are instilled in our hearts and in our children so that we all heartily serve others and inspire many more to do the same during their life.


Shishukunj over the years have silently supported various children institutions globally. Many of these are in rural areas of under-developed or developing countries where both official and personal support is lacking. We have chosen to make a difference in some way to the children of these areas. We have learnt through our experiences to keep refining our model of Sewa to deliver to the needy. Our approach is that we have our known sewak (volunteer) involved locally who will liaise with Sewa committee to fact find, agree and deliver the project ensuring all donated funds & resources are used appropriately and for the intended purpose.


Shishukunj emphasis is on holistic development of the five essential aspects of personality: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. Education system that supports this will truly allow the individual to evolve and be of a greater contributory to his family, community and world alike.

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