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Close your eyes and picture a world where animals are not routinely and needlessly abandoned and killed, where community outreach programs align the pet population, where knowledgeable, caring owners are provided the education necessary to be responsible pet caretakers, where an animals life is valued and there is true respect for life. Imagine the moment when an animal owner becomes a pet caretaker and the pet becomes a part of the family and has a home for life. Picture a place where a shelter is the last resort, not a place where over 100,000 animals go to have their lives ended. This is our vision--a truly Humane Metropolitan Atlanta Area where companion animals never die needlessly for overpopulation reasons. Where affordable humane services are provided for people in need, a place where people young and old can go to receive education and training and a place where a lost animal is returned home to its worried family. A place that is life-affirming. Together, we can improve our community and create a positive humane cycle that will finally end the problem of homeless, abused and abandoned animals here in Metropolitan Atlanta. This is a community problem and it must be solved by all of us - working together to build a humane community. Together, we can do it! Its within our reach. Please join us on this exciting journey!

Mission: WellPet Humane is the first and largest facility in Atlanta that is devoted to the veterinary care of animals owned by financially challenged individuals as well as humane rescuers, shelters or animal welfare groups. Many animals are not getting proper veterinary care because of affordability.
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