Atlanta All Stars Talent Show Network



The Atlanta Allstars Talent Show Network is a successful youth anti-violence program that helps young people from poorer communities experience success -- sometimes for the very first time in their lives. We are in our tenth year, and need your help to continue building the All Stars in Atlanta.

We hold three shows throughout the year as well as other special events. One of the strengths of the All Stars is that it is not government funded so as to maximize innovation and creativity.

No matter what your availability, there is always something our volunteers can help us with. Please call (404) 634-4645 or email for audition or volunteer information.

There is much more information on our website , and be sure to check us out on Facebook:

For our inspiration, see the NYC based All Stars Project at!

Mission: The Atlanta All Stars Talent Show Network uses performance as a gateway to help young people step out of the box and learn new ways of thinking, behaving, and experiencing life. Youth participate in auditions, talent shows, development workshops, and serve as volunteers. In all of our programs no young person is turned away, and for many of these kids, it is the first time in their lives they will have a chance to experience success. We have found that this empowers them to actually create success offstage as well.
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