Global Youth Empowerment, Inc.



Our organization, Global youth Empowerment, Inc., is a non-profit organization established to help young people to achieve and succeed in society, despite a lack of financial resource. Our goal is to enrich thelives of young people holistically by establishing various programs, training regiments, and providing outlets for their artistic creativity.

Having over 19 years of experience as youth ministers and mentors, we understand the frustrations that young people have, trying to find success in different areas, and we are compassionate toward their struggles. For years we have witnessed the brightest children go down the wrong paths in life.

Sometimes, its' because they became overwhelmed with the frustration of not knowing what to do with their skills, not knowing where to go to get thehelp that they need, or even worse, not having the disciple to purse their goals diligently.

We are looking to rectify this by establishing programs that will focus on instilling discipline and proper education in the specific areasof their interest and skill. We seek to embrace youth of all ages, ethnic background, color and skill levels in order to help them transition into adulthood, properly prepared to function in society. We seek to aid in keeping a high academic, physical, spiritual and social standard for the youth and young adult, as well as giving them access to the resources they need to be successful.

We are also seeking to establish homeschool programs for families in our surrounding communities.

Finally they'll be entrepreneurial programs to help them understand business. By giving them the confidence they need to conduct good business, they'll be given the tools to interact positively with society at large.

Mission: Young people have life! They have energy, strength and drive. What they lack is guidance, direction and focus. Global Youth Empowerment seeks to provide that focus.
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