No'am v'Shalom



Noam vShalom believes in a future where empowered individuals can create balanced, harmonious, and sustainable communities through a focus on personal well-being and mutual understanding. We hope to serve as a catalyst for this revolution, to create an empowered culture of giving now, for ourselves and for our children.

For us, the name Noam vShalom [noh-ahm vuh-shah-lohm] encompasses our entire mission. While each word possesses a wealth of meaning, together they form the idea of "harmony and balance." We chose our name from the Hebrew language, as it translates more as a concept than as simple words. Noam () connotes kindness in human action, pleasantness to the senses, and harmony in music or art. Shalom () connotes completeness, wholeness, good health, wellbeing, balance between forces, harmony in human interaction, peace, tranquility, and contentment.

Our Values:

Be well.

Proper health and nutrition available for allCreation of a healthy, sustainable communityReduction of our communitys carbon footprint and the creation of a community compatible with natureA life free of physical and mental suffering available to allAffordable and accessible education available to all

Do good.

Everyones right to live in harmonious and tolerant communitiesCommunities self-empowered through access to necessary resourcesAwareness of social issues and a drive to solve themHonesty and transparency in all of our actionsRespect, inclusion, and openness with employees, volunteers, donors, and the public

Mission: Noam vShalom is a nonprofit organization serving the Greater Atlanta area by fostering personal development, commonality, and tolerance through social action and education. We teach individuals the tools necessary to empower not only themselves within their own lives, but also to empower their community at large.
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