East Lake Farmers Market



The East Lake Farmers Market (ELF Market) was founded in 2009 to expand local access to fresh fruits and vegetables in an under-served area of Atlanta. The ELF Market is a producers market that exists to build community, strengthen our in-town economy, and encourage healthy lifestyles by making wholesome, locally-sourced food accessible to all neighbors. We support independent farmers and healthy growing practices. We actively promote healthy eating, food literacy, community-building and the work of other non-profits which, like ELF Market, also seek to serve the distressed and less prosperous in our community.

The ELF Market relies on volunteers throughout the year. Please contact us to find out how you can get involved!

Mission: The ELF Market exists to strengthen the local economy and encourage healthy lifestyles by promoting products and programs from local farmers, businesses and artisans. We pursue vendor practices, programs and partnerships that have environmental, social and economic integrity.
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