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Sherpani Partners



Sherpani Partners tailors their programs to meet the specific needs of groups or individuals, whether they are in the middle of a career change, or are in school and making their first career decisions. Our week long summer workshop, the Career Reality Experience give students confidence, self knowledge and an opportunity to job shadow several business professionals selected specifically for them based on their interests. Other programs for high school students are available throughout the year. We also work with college students, young professionals and even those who are not so young. The cofounders have over 20 years of Human Resources and Organizational Development experience with Fortune 500 companies giving them a unique point of view or helping young people understand the realities of the world of work.

Mission: Sherpani Partners is a non profit organization dedicated to providing direction and focus for career exploration and planning for young people. We help students and adult professionals develop career goals and plans based on objective assessment data, powerful decision-making tools and personal guidance regardless of where they are in their career life cycle.
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