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Sandburg Elementary School



Sandburg Elementary School is located in Madison near the East Towne Mall. During the school day, many students are enrolled in a Duel Language Immersion Program, in which class is taught in either English or Spanish, depending upon the time of the day. Furthermore, there is an iPad for every student in the school, which allows for teachers to responsibly teach all students the necessary technological skills that they will need as they move forward in their lives.

At Sandburg, there is also a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant funded after school program, run by Madison School and Community Recreation, which is intended to bring students up to grade level in mathematics, literacy, and bilingual literacy.

Mission: Sandburg Elementary School is dedicated to the teaching of fundamental skills, including literacy, mathematics, bilingualism and the use of modern technology. We also strive to teach the necessary interpersonal skills and character traits that are so important to students' success. We believe that all students can be successful in these endevors, and strive to cultivate greatness out of each young mind that enters through our school doors.
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