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RSVP - Milwaukee County



How do RSVP members build capacity? RSVP Members take on leadership roles to help build the capacity of schools and non-profits. This can include serving on an Advisory Council or Board of Directors. It can also include serving as a Volunteer Coordinator for a school, a Grant Writer for a non-profit or simply an Advocate among peers. How do RSVP members further the mission? RSVP Members serve in a variety of volunteer placements at each school or non-profit. These placements range from working directly with clients to helping behind the scenes. Each placement plays a role in helping the school or non-profit to provide services to the community. Whether by serving directly with clients, or by freeing up staff time to do so, RSVP Members help schools and non-profits fulfill their mission.

Mission: RSVP is a service organization for individuals 55+. Together we build the capacity and further the mission of local schools and non-profit organizations.
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