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Autism Center of Pittsburgh



When you make an appointment for an evaluation at the Autism Center of Pittsburgh, a Licensed Psychologist or Board Certified Psychiatrist will conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment. The evaluation process will include an interview with the parent/guardian to obtain a thorough history and an understanding of current functioning; use of standardized tests and forms including the ADOS ; and an assessment and observation of your child. You will then be provided a complete formulation, recommendations, and a comprehensive report. The practitioner will not conduct a medical evaluation for genetic disorders, etc., but will conduct an evaluation to determine if your child has autism, ADHD, OCD, A Behavioral, Anxiety, or Mood Disorder, or any other developmental delay or disability. Through the Autism Center of Pittsburgh, the practitioner can also assess for learning issues. You will then be referred for specific and effective forms of treatment, and provided ongoing consultation as needed. The licensed clinicians have years of experience in diagnosing and treating autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, OCD, mood and behavioral problems, learning issues, and many other developmental disabilities.

Autism Center of Pittsburgh also will refer you to Licensed and Credentialed counselors, specializing in treating autism, to work with children and adults. Appointments available during day, evening, and weekends.

Mission: Where do we begin? The Community Outreach efforts of both AutismLink and the Autism Center of Pittsburgh are amazing, if we do say so ourselves.
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