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The Public Education Foundation



We believe in the promise of public education. We believe that public education can deliver and every child can learn. The Public Education Foundation recognizes that community and business involvement is vital to school improvement. We are dedicated to generating community resources and facilitating collaborations and partnerships to ensure high-quality public educational opportunities for all children.

Since 1991, the Foundation, inspired by a belief that improving our public schools was too big a task for a school district to accomplish alone, has worked tirelessly to mobilize community resources to improve public schools. The Foundation recognizes the challenges facing our state and nation. We have developed powerful strategies to establish high leverage and high impact public-private partnerships advancing district-wide improvement efforts, empowering teachers and students, leveraging resources, ensuring accountability and delivering results.

The Public Education Foundation is dedicated to...Improving the quality of teaching and learningAdvancing academic achievementIncreasing the graduation ratePromoting the use of technologyChampioning school improvement

The future depends upon our childrens ability to successfully face the challenges of an ever-changing, complex and demanding world. The Public Education Foundation continues to be guided by a spirit of innovation and a willingness to take risks in an unending pursuit of bold new thinking and effective approaches to public education.

Mission: The mission of the Foundation is to mobilize community and global resources to support and impact public education through initiatives, programs, and promising practices designed to improve student performance and advance quality educational opportunities for all children.
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