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Resident Driven ServiceOur highest priority is to provide the people we serve with the same opportunities as every citizen. Respect and dignity are not just words to us; they are a way of life. The delivery system used is focused on the people we serve, providing them with options and enabling them to make informed choices. These "Life Skills" encourage each resident to become self sufficient and involved in the community in which they live.

Quality in Staff We maintain high standards of performance for each employee. Our organization's philosophy inspires staff by providing them with a great sense of purpose in their work. By empowering our employees to make decisions, they realize that they are contributing to the good of others and helping them live full and active lives.

Integrity in Corporate Actions We uphold a reputation of high integrity through teamwork. We maintain annual financial audits conducted by an independent auditor, which combined with sound business practices, affords the organization opportunities for growth and expansion. We conduct monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees, which enhances all areas of operation due to the diversity of its members, and exemplifies our ongoing commitment to excellence and program efficiency.

A Caring Attitude We understand the importance of maintaining a family unit, the worth and value of realizing each person as a uniquely gifted individual, and the need to have a strong sense of belonging. We encourage family members to take a participatory role to benefit not only the people we serve, but themselves as well. We believe that with a consistently supportive staff, program, family and friends, nothing is impossible.

Mission: New Vista is committed to providing the intellectually challenged of all ages with equal opportunities & support so that they may experience life to the fullest.
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