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East Durham Children's Initiative



EDCI operations fall into four categories: Linking existing entities and services; Providing direct services to children and families by EDCI staff or contractors; Collaborating with EDCI partner organizations that provide high-quality interventions to children and families living in the EDCI Zone and/or attending EDCI target schools; and Spearheading capacity-building initiatives that support the work of community groups and partners organizations in the EDCI Zone.

EDCI partners with 20 entities that implement approximately 40 interventions within the EDCI Zone. Early childhood partners include county-provided early intervention services for newborns and post-partum mothers and home-based parent education programs for families with young children. Partners also include the schools that serve children who reside in the EDCI Zone, programs that provide in-school, after school, and summer education support and enrichment programs, and agencies that work to improve EDCI Zone residents health and quality of life.In successive years, EDCIs supports will expand to middle and high school children and their families as the initial cohort of children ages. Utilizing the existing assets of Durham and the East Durham community, which include partner organizations, residents, businesses, and community groups, EDCI hopes to support East Durham in becoming a healthy, vibrant, and economically thriving community

Mission: EDCIs mission is to create and deploy a comprehensive system of high-quality services for children and families living within a 120-block area of East Durham, North Carolina. Beginning at birth, EDCI seeks to provide a continuum of supports for children and their families that span early childhood and bridges elementary, middle, and high school. The goal is to ensure that students in our service area graduate from high school ready for college or career.
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