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Animal Protection Society of Durham



The Animal Protection Society of Durham at the Durham County Animal Shelter takes in approximately 6,500 animals every year. Some of the animals who come in are 'purebred and many are special, unique designer breeds. All are looking for a person or family to love. The adoption package at APS is all-inclusive. Your new dog or cat will come home with a basic medical exam, spay/neuter, vaccines, a microchip and lots of love. APS Staff and Volunteers will help you learn about any dog or cat (or rabbit!) you may be interested in adopting and will provide care, love and support throughout your entire adoption process.

Volunteers are vital to the lives of homeless pets in Durham. APS Volunteers pledge at least two hours a week to socializing cats or dogs, assisting with clerical needs, working with our Education Committee or filling other needs.

All volunteers must commit to volunteering at least eight hours a month for at least six months, attend an orientation and complete necessary training before beginning work at APS.

Mission: The APS of Durham is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and providing shelter for all animals. Our mission is to educate the public about the humane care and treatment of animals, promote spay/neuter and encourage the adoption of homeless animals.