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North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals



The North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals (NCSHP) was founded in February of 1999 for two main reasons: 1) to further the work of Hispanic professionals, to improve their effectiveness and to enhance the public understanding and appreciation for Hispanic professionals throughout North Carolina, and 2) to aid in correcting the under representation of Hispanic youth in higher education, the high drop-out rate among Hispanic students, and the need for role models for Hispanic students.

Just after it was founded, NCSHP received its 501 (c)(3) status and began operating as a statewide nonprofit organization. NCSHP has made a continuous commitment to building its infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing community with respect to its dedicated mission. A statewide advocacy organization, NCSHP uses a variety of educational outreach programs to benefit Hispanic youth and to generate enthusiasm towards education among their parents.

Mission: The mission of the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals is to enhance the integration and cooperation among the Hispanic professionals of North Carolina and concerned individuals(Hispanic, non-Hispanic, professionals, non-professionals) and organizations to promote the education of Hispanic students at all levels.
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