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Giving Back Adventures, Inc.



PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Veterans often return to a world with many personal challenges. They may suffer from injuries, from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other issues related to serving in combat. Many have career challenges. They often start out at a financial disadvantage, and then discover difficulties in fitting in with the "normal" work world. Very often, they are not honored and respected for protecting our freedoms, and for making significant sacrifices on our behalf. Because veterans often start off at a disadvantage, Giving Back Adventures is designed to help them out. Some of the ways include:

Provide them camaraderie with other veterans (something they miss) Help them with re-integration into the "real world", by teaching them life skills and introducing them to potential mentors Give them support, and educate them about the support available to them Help them experience an adventure they never dreamed was possible (because they cant afford it)

Whitewater rafting in Idaho Rock climbing in Yosemite Sailing, diving and snorkeling in Mexico

Mission: MISSION STATEMENT We show honor and respect for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan by providing adventure opportunities which provide camaraderie, re-integration support, education and proven improvement in mental well-being.
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