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Earth, Air, and Space Educational Foundation



Inspired by the grand arches of Hangar One, a national historic site and a birthplace of the Silicon Valley. The Earth, Air, & Space Educational Foundation was created to restore and revitalize Hangar One. Our proposed center contains three program elements: (1) A world class science, technology, engineering, (art), and mathematics learning center (2) A NAE Grand Challenges exhibition and exchange center (3) An interact town hall science and technology conference and event center

Mission: The mission of the new Earth, Air, and Space Center is to excite the passion for learning, discovery, creativity, and innovation in all ages.Our educational model will strive to inspire leading-edge thinkers through meaningful, hands-on learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This environment will foster curiosity in the individuals who will lead humanity in the fields that develop solutions to sustain our planet, and change the world.
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