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Nuestra Casa



Nuestra Casa works to represent the immigrant community - both established and in transition - by focusing on its problems, needs and desires. The organization provides adult English as a Second Language classes with a content and context-driven approach that places the students and their needs at the center and takes into account the social context of language aquisition. Curriculum revolves around the discussion of themes such as education, work, health, community, and culture. Classroom activities draw from students' real-life experiences and present them with tools they can use in everyday situations. The organization also runs a Parent Leadership Institute that identifies and forms parent leaders and organizes them to advocate for school reform.

Mission: Nuestra Casas mission is to increase the civic participation of the emerging Latino population of East Palo Alto and its surrounding communities. We believe that in order to be effective, we must build the capacity of our families, while collaborating with community partners to develop receptive civic engagement spaces.
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