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Cake4Kids serves San Francisco Bay Area agencies that cater to disadvantaged children and youth, providing a service that brings smiles and hope to children who wouldn't otherwise have a birthday. We are powered by an amazing group of volunteers who bake cakes in their homes; delivering unique, personalized birthday cakes to youth signed up with our organization. Youth range in age from 1 to 21 years but all are delighted to be recognized and receive a special cake baked just for them. Knowing that you have made them feel special is so rewarding! Cake4Kids is growing everyday. We are proud to announce that we have branched out to support the development of at-risk teens by teaching them to cook & bake. Teaching invaluable life skills and food literacy is part of helping this vulnerable group of boys and girls to become self-reliant and confident.

Mission: Cake4Kids' mission is to help foster kids and at-risk youth feel special at least one day a year, to raise their self-esteem, and to increase their chance of success in school and life knowing that people care for them.
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