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NorCal GSP Rescue



NorCal GSP Rescue takes in adoptable dogs from area shelters and fosters them in volunteer foster homes. By fostering dogs in our homes we are able to save lives and provide the public with healthy spayed or neutered dogs. The foster home provides a transition period between life in the animal shelter and the new, permanent home. The dogs are given the opportunity to learn any needed social skills and to receive the much needed love, shelter, and medical care they deserve. When a dog is rescued from the animal shelter it receives a health exam by a veterinarian, the vaccinations appropriate for its age, and a heartworm test and preventative. All dogs of 6 months of age or older are spayed or neutered. Dogs under 6 months of age are adopted under the agreement that they will be spayed or neutered at the appropriate time. Most of our rescued GSPs have come from Northern California animal shelters. We take only those animals who are in danger of being euthanized. In order to give these dogs a chance, we must limit the number of dogs we take from private homes who are being surrendered because their owners no longer have time for them, are moving, etc. We will accept animals from the public only as a last resort IF space is available in an appropriate foster home.

Mission: To help unwanted German Shorthaired Pointers in Northern California find caring and loving permanent homes. To provide veterinary care for each German Shorthaired Pointer rescue including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm tests & preventative, intestinal parasite treatment and any other medical care needed. To educate potential owners about the German Shorthaired Pointer breed and its special requirements to ensure an educated decision when selecting the breed as a pet. To assist owners in solving problems with their German Shorthaired Pointer in order to keep German Shorthaired Pointers in their current home. To encourage owners to use their breeders as a resource of support and information. To educate animal control officers and shelter personnel on how to properly identify a German Shorthaired Pointer and of their particular personality and behavioral traits.
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