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Our Executive Director had a dream 5 1/2 years ago to build a high school for girls in Naivasha, Kenya. What started as a vacant filed is now a completed and "complete" school - Saint Francis Girls School. It has 8 classrooms, 2 science labs, computer lab, staff workrooms / offices, staff housing for 6 , dorms/kitchen/dining hall/infirmary for 400 students. Two short term projects aimed at reducing operating expenses are to install solar/wind electrical generating system; drill bore hole [well] to supplement the rain water collection cisterns. We will also expand out scholarship program of providing school fees, tuition, supplies & uniforms for high school boys and girls as well as post-secondary. We'll also increase support for Mji Wa Neema children's home.

Mission: To provide resources and support for the benefit of women, children and youth through education and training in the communities of Naivasha District of Kenya.
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