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Buster's Vision Nonprofit, Inc.



Buster's Vision is a non-profit dedicated to provide the public with a positive, encouraging dog education, promoting an awareness to protect the welfare of animals, buyers, and respectable breeders and to develop higher standards of ethical business practice and conduct.

We live in a "Throw Away Society!" A large percentage of the population has little to no sense of responsibility, commitment and lack of education for the welfare of animals. Visit any number of Humane Societies, Rescue Centers, Foster Facilities, Craig's List, etc. and ask how many animals are abandoned or recycled in-and-out of homes daily and why? The most common answers: LACK OF EDUCATION, TIME & MONEY. There is an URGENT need for an ANIMAL Education within our local communities.

Buster's Vision Nonprofit believes Puppy Mills, Puppy Mill Syndrome, and Puppy Disease can be elliminated with promoting "Animal Education Programs" within our communities.

Buster's Vision advocacy and animal education programs will be presented in schools, libraries, churches, and community center, such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.

Buster's Vision will have animal educational booths set-up at Farmer's Markets, Festivals, Concerts, etc. to bring about a greater need of awareness on what you should know before adopting or buying an animal.

Please take the time and visit Buster's Vision Nonprofit's website and learn more about Buster's Vision.

Mission: Buster's Vision!
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