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About West Valley Community Services:West Valley Community Services, Inc. (WVCS) is a private non-profit, community-based agency that has been providing direct assistance and referral services to the west valley communities of Santa Clara County for over 37 years. WVCS provides a continuum of basic needs, family support services and housing services including: information and referrals, food pantry, clothing, homeless services, transitional housing, affordable housing, emergency financial assistance, family support programs, and case management services. WVCS serves the west valley communities of Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, West San Jose and the unincorporated mountain regions. The mission of West Valley Community Services is to encourage the sharing of community resources, to provide basic human needs in a caring and dignified environment, and to provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in West Valley Community Services' activities.

Programs & Services for Health:

Food Pantry Our Food Pantries in Cupertino and Los Gatos are supplied by the Second Harvest Food Bank, local grocery stories, bakeries, and community donations. The Pantry is staffed primarily by volunteers who pick up more than 400,000 pounds annually of bread, fresh vegetables, dairy and other items from local stores. They also bag and distribute more than $600,000 worth of food to more than 2,000 individuals every year. Families and individuals can visit the Cupertino or Los Gatos pantry to get fresh food and staples such as rice, beans, canned and dried goods. We also try to provide special items such as baby food, ethnic food or items for people with nutritional restrictions.

CARE (Community Access to Resources and Education)West Valley Community Services project CARE is available to provide access to valuable health and nutrition resources during times of need. SNAP Food Stamps eligibility pre-screening, cooking on a budget classes, one-on-one nutrition consultation, and more are open for enrollment.

Raising a Healthy Eater Program The "Raising a Healthy Eater" program provides free education about cooking, nutrition, healthy shopping, cost saving techniques, fitness, and much more to families in our west valley communities. Interested families and individuals can attend a series of workshops covering these topics, and will also have access to programs such as the Recipe of the Week, which provides a brown bag with a healthy recipe and all of the required ingredients.

Parent Workshops WVCS offers parenting workshops to families in the West Valley communities. These workshops are given by licensed professionals who work with families on a daily basis. Workshops will provide valuable tools for positive parenting and may include topics such as positive discipline and effective communication.

Financial Workshops & Education WVCS is working towards establishing a financial literacy program to help low income families become financially stable. These financial education classes will help low-income individuals with setting a budget, establishing spending and saving priorities, avoiding predatory lenders and making sound financial decisions for the future. WVCS will also be partnering with the IRS EITC program. Classes are offered free of charge to anyone interested in learning how to make a family budget.

Programs & Services for Home:

Haven to HomeHaven to Home is a case managed program that works as a stepping stone for homeless clients working towards stability. Case managers work closely with clients by providing access to resources such as food, transportation, toiletries, and other items to help them get back on their feet.

Transitional Housing ProgramWVCS owns and operates a transitional housing complex for working homeless men, and working or school-bound homeless women with one child under age 6. This very-low-income housing serves qualified candidates from the community. Tenants receive case management and assistance to secure permanent housing.

Vista Village Apartments As part of our Cupertino campus, WVCS owns and operates a 24-unit complex of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for very low-income qualified candidates. Priorities are given to people who work and live in Cupertino. Vista Village tenants must re-qualify on an annual basis.

Below Market Rate Housing WVCS administers the Below Market Rate (BMR) program for the City of Cupertino. Priorities are given to people who work and live in Cupertino. BMR tenants must re-qualify on an annual basis.

Rentals: Low income qualified candidates, including seniors, can apply for placement on the waiting list of BMR apartments in Cupertino.

Sales: WVCS also screens prospective buyers for homes to be sold at below market rate. This program enables median income qualified candidates currently living or working in Cupertino to purchase good quality housing at below market rates.

Programs & Services for Heart:

Case Management & Referrals Case managers assist individuals and families to develop personal budgets, saving plans and other stabilization plans. Case managed clients may be eligible for cash assistance for emergency needs. Staff also provides referrals and assist clients to access other local resources not available at WVCS.

Emergency Cash Assistance WVCS administers funds provided by various agencies for one-time financial assistance to people with needs in the areas of housing, utility and transportation. Case managers work closely with families and individuals to determine qualifications, needs and capability to stabilize. Cash assistance is not for ongoing support but to help those who face an unexpected financial setback.

Special Programs Our Special Programs give individuals and families an opportunity to provide extracurricular activities for the family and receive additional help, especially during the holiday season. Special Programs include: Cupertino Parks & Rec fee waivers, children and youth summer camps, seasonal food baskets, Back-to-School Programs, and Holiday Adopt-A-Family.

Mission: The mission of West Valley Community Services formally Cupertino Community Services is to encourage the sharing of community resources; to provide basic human needs in a caring and dignified environment; and to provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in West Valley Community Services' activities.
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